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carried the market on its back and sits on gobs of cash and investments ($100 billion and counting), so why jump off the train? Eventually the music stops and while this amazing company continues to defy odds, it will eventually slow and correct. Speaking of corrections, it has not seen even the slightest meaningful sell off and everyone and their mother wants in on it. What
cheap nfl jerseys I fear most is the herd mentality that is beginning to
wholesale jerseys china play out. I’m typing on a beautiful Mac right now and can basically run my entire investment management practice from my slick little iPhone. Without question, AAPL continues to innovate and produce spectacular devices even without Steve Jobs at the helm. I’m not implying that AAPL will get crushed like a dot com that had no business plan in
cheap jerseys place back in the late 1990′s. I just see a company that has rocketed almost 54% in three months after an already massive run. AAPL shareholders as well as product users are almost cultish in their infatuation. This stock could likely see $750 or even